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I've been laid off. Now what?

Being laid off can be a difficult and emotional experience. It can feel like the end of the world, especially if you’ve been with the company for a long time. Being a Millennial working in the Tech industry, it seemed my whole career was trying to dodge the "pink slip" as the economy turned into a very no-fun rollercoaster after college. Every time was close calls, but I had seen so many friends and co-workers get laid off. I had concerns when my luck would ever run out.

And then, at the rise of the Pandemic, I received that dreaded mystery meeting on my calendar with my manager and HR one sunny day in the summer of 2019. My luck had ran out.

No matter how much I geared myself up for what I would do if I got laid off, nothing prepared me still for the actual shock, confusion and disappointment I had realizing that I was being booted from my livelihood for no reason of my own.

It can feel hurtful, like betrayal. Your sense of worthiness ruffles. Your anxiety rises wondering how are you going to pay for your life. The future seems even more uncertain. Unknown.

But remember, it's not the end of your career. You have a wealth of knowledge and skills to offer, and there are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for you. So, what should you do now? Here are some tips to help you get back on track.

First and foremost, take some time to process your emotions. Being laid off is a significant life event, and it's essential to allow yourself to grieve and process the experience. Whether it's talking to a friend or family member, going for a walk, or taking a few days off, make sure you take care of yourself.

Once you've given yourself some time to process, start thinking about your next steps. Do you want to stay in the tech industry, or is it time for a change? Take some time to reflect on your career goals and what you want to achieve in your next role. Write them down, and use them as a guide when searching for your next opportunity.

Your LinkedIn profile and resume are two critical pieces of your job search. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and showcases your skills and experience. Connect with recruiters, former colleagues, and others in your industry to expand your network. Your resume should be tailored to the jobs you're applying for, highlighting your most relevant experience and skills.

It's also essential to take care of yourself during the job search process. Set a schedule for your job search and stick to it. Make time for exercise, hobbies, and spending time with friends and family. It's easy to get caught up in the job search and forget about self-care, but it's crucial to take care of yourself mentally and physically.

Lastly, stay positive and keep an open mind. The tech industry is constantly evolving, and new opportunities are emerging all the time. Stay active on job boards, attend virtual career fairs, and network as much as possible. Don't be afraid to apply for roles that may be slightly outside of your comfort zone or experience level. You never know what opportunities may arise.

Being laid off can be a challenging experience, but it doesn't have to be the end of your career. Take some time to process your emotions, reflect on your career goals, and update your LinkedIn profile and resume. Take care of yourself during the job search process, and keep an open mind. Remember, there are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for you.

You got this!


If you've been recently laid off and looking for support upgrading your resume and LinkedIn profile, practicing for that interview, or considering switching careers and not sure where to start, I coach clients in their career navigation so they live more fulfilling lives in a job that values them and plays to your passion and strengths. Wanna know more? Schedule a discovery call with me and let's talk!

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